Success Stories

Denise Resseguie

Working in a private setting allows me to have total control over my own business. Working at the suites was the best professional decision I have ever made.

Eleanor Giordano

Unlike traditional salons, Premier Salons Suites lets me express my own individuality. Even though we are individually owned businesses we also strive to work together as one salon.


Owning your own suite at Premier Salon Suites is the best decision you will ever make for your clients and your business.


Premier Salon Suites is the perfect setting for beauty industry professionals who enjoy creating an ‘experience’ for their guests.

Kathy Bennett

I’m very excited to be a part of the suite life for the past 10 years and counting at Premier Salon Suites. I’ve been a stylist and salon owner for 42 years. I love my mini-salon and so do my guest. It’s beautiful, relaxing and private. The amenities are great and it feels good to not worry about running a traditional salon. Everything I need is there and all I have to do is Hair!

Emily Cotter

Making the transition into a suite owner was seamless! My only regret is not doing it sooner, I am so glad I can take care of my clients and be my own boss.

Bianca Nicholas Suite

Since I have been at Premier Salon Suites I have loved being my own boss. It is such a relaxed atmosphere with impeccable professionalism. I recommend it highly to any motivated successful professionals!

Cloud Nine Beauty

It is going on 5 years that I’ve been at Premier Salon Suites and I couldn’t be happier. My clients love the atmosphere and the one on one time makes everyone feel good. Everything that I want and need as a stylist is here.

Therese at The Nail Suite

My clients love the privacy my suite provides. Suite owner Ron Bulgarella is very accommodating when it comes to our needs. I hope to spend the remainder of my professional career here.

Amy Moscone

Being at Premier Salon Suites has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. Premier Salon Suites took my business to the next level as a stylist and my clients feel more connected to me and my business!

Emily Tanghe

Working at Premier Salon Suites has allowed me to surround myself with highly motivated professionals & entrepreneurs who share my passion for success and simplicity!

Michele’s Hair Care

After owning two full-Service Salons and employing many stylists, nail techs estheticians and receptionists; the best thing I chose to do was to open my salon within Premier Salon Suites! Truly the Best place to work!

Kimberly Bialecki

I love owning a suite at Premier Salon suites. It has been such a positive experience. Ron has been a great landlord; going above and beyond, making our suites a success.

Lori Ann Mariotti

The best career gift I have ever given myself and my clients is creating my own salon in the welcoming luxury of Premier Salon Suites! I’M HOME!… I have the best neighbors and the landlord is compassionate and ‘on the ball’ accommodating.

Melissa of Addicted To Color

Being with Premier Salon Suites has made me feel at home. I have had nothing but great things said from my guests about Premier Salon Suites. Ron has been absolutely amazing. To anyone looking for a change, I’d recommend Premier Salon Suites 100%

Jane Kutchey

I am thrilled I made the decision to join the Premier Salon Suites Team! Thank you so much Ron Bulgarella for this opportunity! I not only love the Premiere Salon Suites! I am “In Love” with my new suite! Blessings to you.

Posh Beauty Salon Suite

I have the pleasure of owning my own business, after working for someone else for almost 10 years. Premier Salon Suites is my “home”, now! I have been here for 2 years already, I could not be happier, and all of my clients absolutely love it here.

Brittany Hamilton

It’s very well kept, and welcoming to anyone that walks in. You won’t find a better landlord, or place to run your business out of! My business has grown tremendously since I made the decision. I’m so thankful for this opportunity!

Sara Curzydlo

Working independently at Premier Salon Suites has been the best business decision I have ever made! The atmosphere and professionalism are second to none and my clients absolutely love it here!

Melissa Hinton

I have been with Premier Salon Suites as a Suite owner since it opened and I love it. Ron has put a lot into making the atmosphere very pleasant and beautiful for the owners and guest. Thank you Ron!


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