How it Works

It’s quite simple actually. Once you sign up with us the suite is yours. You have 24/7 access to it to come and go as you please. To set your own schedule for your clients and to take time off whenever you need it. The suites come fully furnished. All you need to bring are your clients and your supplies.

We handle the laundry and the cleaning portion. We also handle the water, cable and internet bills to ensure that you never have to worry about anything other than expanding and treating your own clientele. Your clients will love how relaxed our atmosphere is! Come see for yourself how we can benefit your business.

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Start Right Away

With our private, personal salon suites, starting your own business is easy. We encourage each of our beauty professionals to have an already established list of clients when they sign up with us. Although this will make the process of starting your own business easier—it’s definitely not necessary. As soon as you sign with us you can come in and start using our amenities. There’s no waiting period. We want you to become as successful as possible and we know how eager you are to get started. Everything is waiting for you. All you need to do is make the decision to better your career and your business!
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We’ve been in the business for over 30 years, so we know a thing or two about growing your brand and your clientele list. We coach our stylists on the best ways to gain new clients and how to keep existing customers as well. We provide on-site, free classes for all of our stylists to ensure they are getting the most out of their experience with us. We will show you all of the positive business ownership techniques we’ve learned over the years. How to make the most out of your hours and services. How to thrive in a competitive market and how to become a successful entrepreneur in general. We have a ton of contacts in the industry that make it easy for you to network and gain referrals.
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License Process

It’s OK if you don’t already have your license. We will provide access to resources for insurance and licensing purposes. We make these processes easy and hassle-free to ensure our stylists get exactly what they need in order to thrive, not only at our salons, but in the industry as well. As soon as you apply to become licensed and insured you can start working with us! There’s no grace period or downtime while you get the proper documents. Premier Salon Suites has our own licensing that our stylists can work under while waiting to be approved for their own. It’s that easy! Let us help you be the business owner you’ve always dreamed of being.

Living the Suite Life

See the advantage of owning a private room at Premier Salon Suites.

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