Lori Ann Mariotti

LA’STYLE | Suite 105

Bio:Hello!  I’m Lori Ann, the L A of LA’STYLE salon.  My STYLE is helping you to create YOUR style!  My artistry is customizing beautiful color to accentuate a great personalized haircut.  Hair is like handwriting.  It is absolutely individual and shouts our personality without a voice.  Since 1988 I have been dedicated to creating “hair handwriting” that you can trace at home yourself, and LA’color to punctuate it.

I also believe it’s not enough to know how but why.  Commitment to continuing education, personal research, and sharing knowledge and experience is my devotion to my career and my beloved clients.

As your stylist, I honor the same honest relationship with you as I do with your hair itself; respect, acceptance, patience, trust, and compassion.  That’s my style, LA’STYLE. 

Services: Custom hair color, cuts, and tHAIRapy 


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