Lori Ann Mariotti

LA’STYLE | Suite 105

Bio: Hello! I’m Lori Ann, the L A of LA’STYLE salon. My STYLE is helping you to create YOUR style! My art is customizing beautiful color to accentuate a great personalized cut design. Hair is like handwriting. It is absolutely individual and shouts our personality without a voice. Since 1988 I have been dedicated to creating “hair handwriting” that you can trace at home yourself, and color to punctuate it.

I also believe it’s not enough to know how but why. Continuing mastery/excel education, personal research, and sharing knowledge and experience is my devotion to my career and my beloved clients. I have even gone a step further and proudly added to my credentials the TIGI Academy of Teaching; ‘technically correct to visually perfect’.

As your stylist, I honor the same relationship with you as I do with your hair itself; respect, acceptance, patience, truth, and compassion. That’s my style, LA’STYLE.

Services: Custom hair design and corrective color


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